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Dearest Friends,

After having successfully served hundreds of customers from 42 countries several times with free and professional readings, we have received overwhelming feedback to include the following services. We hope these services prove valuable in your quest for maximizing Self-Awareness and improving the probability of success in life.

Career Analysis including Asteroids: $19.99
An investigation into Asteroids Fortuna, Tyche, Industria, Academia, Midas, Abundantia and Felicitas, plus their interactions to Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Karma in the relevant 2nd, 5th, 6th, 10th and 11th Houses to know the best ways of making money according to your Natal Chart.

The Best Days and Roughest Days of the Month: $9.99 for each month
In this service, we scan 30 charts of the month including a dozen Asteroids and then apply numerology to identify the best 3 [sometimes there are 5 or 6] and worst 3 days of transits in each month.
The value of this service is nearly three hundred dollars a month considering 10 dollars per transit check, as I do not use automated software to just capture a good Venus or Mars transit. Every aspect is personally checked.

Real Estate Check: $9.99
Determine the best day in a given month to buy or sell real estate. If I find that month is filled with retrograde planets, I will find the next earliest month which has a superb date. Numerology will also be used, and chart afflictions will be assessed for warning to avoid huge speculation in the real estate transaction.

Best Location Check: $14.99
An investigation using Astro-Cartography of the beneficial planets in your chart, and then using the birthday Numerology  to find the country with the most harmonious vibration for you.

Clairvoyance Investigation: $19.99
An investigation into several Asteroids including Pallas, Aura and Anubis to determine the extent of Psychic powers or Clairvoyance gifts or talent in Healing.

Quick Relationship Composite Rating: $9.99
Many clients are superb astrologers already and do not need me to re-invent the wheel. A quick summary and probability rating from 1 to 10 of the composite is all they need. This is very useful for non-astrologers too. They do not need detailed readings immediately if a quick check shows that the relationship is too good or too dicey.

Contact me with Natal Details here:, cc to

Please understand that these readings will be brief and not verbose.

Payment by PayPal after receiving the reports, My PayPal ID will be given to you by email.

Other Services: [ all are $35.00 each, generous discounts available for multiple readings ]

1. Natal Chart Analysis of Planets with Sabian of Sun, Moon and Ascendant
2. Vedic Directions or "Dasha" Chart along with 12 House Lords Check
3. Synastry and Composite Analysis without Asteroids and Sabian Symbols
4. Best day of each month for the 12 months of a year
5. Most challenging day of each month for the 12 months of a year
6. Tropical Transits analyzed along with Draconic Transits to Draconic Chart

The following organizations are helped when you choose my services:
Mercy Corps
Mouth and Foot Painting Artists
Child Relief and You
Help Age India
Global Cancer Concern India

More than 200 orphans in India have been helped privately as well, in small ways.
This is possible for me only because of your patronage. I thank you in advance on behalf of everyone who has benefited.

Controversial Services:

Rarely can I be kept away from the bizarre, controversial, conspiratorial and alternative research subjects. In keeping with this maverick side of mine, I offer some controversial astrology services.

Psychopath Check: $15.00
A look into all Natal aspects made by certain Asteroids with a tendency for darkness like Nessus, Lucifer and Lust. Afflictions will be assessed with respect to Saturn, Moon, Karma, Ascendant and Nodes. The assessment will be given as a probability rating of 1 to 10.  The world's most deadly and wicked criminals have been researched for this. The rating system takes into account positive aspects before giving the final answer. A rating of 8+/10 does not mean the person should be tracked by cops but it means the person will react dangerously under harsh transits and the client should be aware of this weakness before taking a call on the relationship. Birth time is most essential for this reading to be highly accurate.

Psychopathic Reaction Check in Synastry: $15.00
Same as above but will look at the harsh aspects made in synastry which can create negative reactions from the person to my client.

Three more investigations which are too controversial for even me to list here are provided, I will elaborate these to those who have already bought a reading. They deal with Mind Control, Abuductions, Star Seed/Walk Ins etc. These investigations are of course given with the Advanced Natal Reading.