Asteroids Conjunct Sun or Ascendant

This is the starting point for your own studies on the relevant Asteroid Theme that has maximum impact in your life.

You may need to make several charts tom find out the Asteroids closest to your Sun or Ascendant. You will find all the
major themes in my forthcoming book. For the purpose of this article, I will explain the Ancient Egyptian Theme.

The Relevant Asteroids prefixed by their number are:
1923    OSIRIS
   42     ISIS
1912    ANUBIS
  287    NEPHTHYS
1924    HORUS
5011    PTAH
5381    SEKHMET
5249    GIZA
 896    SPHINX

If any one of these asteroids is conjunct Sun or Ascendant, then it means the Ancient Egyptian Theme is highly relevant
in your life.

You may be attracted to Egyptian artifacts and may have a fascination for mummies, pyramids and desert civilizations. 
You may have a longing to visit Egypt, you may be totally mesmerized when you see movies like "Mummy Returns" and so on.
Some of my clients who have had regression clearly identify a past life connection to Egypt. This cannot be scientifically proven 
but it is their subjective reality and the strong Astrological connections of these Egyptian Asteroids confirm this lifeline to them.

The MetaPhysics of the myths behind these Archetypes will also become very strong for the native who has the Sun or Ascendant 
conjunct these asteroids. Natives with Sun conjunct KLEOPATRA for instance will be obsessed with beauty and will have
a certain royal charm about them. Ascendant conjunct OSIRIS or HORUS produces heric individuals ready to sacrifice for others.
Sun conjunct ISIS bestows ladies with seductive charm and soulful looks. GIZA conjunct Sun will produce very architecture savvy
natives. Those with SPHINX conj Ascendant will be masters at investigating mysteries. TUT conj Sun is strong in natives who fantasize 
about egyptology, archealogy  and tombs.

In complex interpretations, those who have TUT conj Sun trine HORUS and sextile SPHINX will have the same tendencies as
the character Indiana Jones  or a Lara Croft!

So what are your Egyptian themes ? Know that we also have Ancient Indian/Buddhist, Sumerian, Inca, English, 
Greco-Roman and Occult themes as well. 


Other examples for Sun or Ascendant: conjunct Asteroid:
PANDORA:     Will attract trouble regularly
LUST         :      Insatiable sexual appetite
LUCIFER  :       Wicked Mind if afflicted and radically innovative if blessed. 
DISCOVERY:   Will discover insights at warp speed 
VALENTINE:    Will be very lovey dovey
SWEET:             Obviously will be a sweet person.
ACHILLES:       Heroic Individual with one major weakness.
AURA:               Will be very sensitive to others vibrations
SHERLOCK:     Will be obsessed with the stories and character of Sherlock Holmes
DESCARTES:    Will make a great philosopher or show deep interest in philosophy.
TRANSYLVANIA:  Will be obsessed with Vampires, Anne Rice and Gothic culture.

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