There are three excellent articles explaining the basics of Draconic Charts. 

In a nutshell 

a) they explain how our Node based chart is vital for spiritual evolution 

b) how important the 0 degree point of Aries is in astrology 

c) If someone's draconic chart makes no important aspects to your draconic or tropical chart, then they just cannot be related to you

How to apply Draconic Synastry with Asteroids:

Make the Draconic Chart for Synastry if you find interesting links between the tropical charts.

You need to make Draconic Charts for self and partner. Include Asteroids Eros (433), Valentine (447), Psyche (16), Amor (1221) , Juno and Karma (3811).

Using a 2 degree orb, check if any of these 6 asteroids conjunct, oppose, trine or square the other's Ascendant and same Asteroids.

Juno and Karma are most important. Next step, check for these asteroids aspecting True Node, Saturn, Sun, Moon , Mars, Venus and Pluto.

Next, check his draconic with her tropical chart, and vice versa for the love asteroids and above mentioned planets.

The most successful long term relationships almost always have a favorable conjunction like:

The more links you find, the more intertwined are your souls  in the relationship, possibly over several lifetimes.

Likewise, be aware of harsh squares and oppositions in the Draconic Charts, these are evidences of hurts in the past life and hence tendency to hurt in this relationship too.

Look for Asteroid Nessus if you have doubts on possessiveness, stalking nature.

His Draconic Nessus square/opposite her Draconic/tropical Venus is a sign of over possessiveness and possible stalking.